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Selling Heat Pumps to Your HVAC Customers

Despite growing popularity with homeowners across North America, heat pumps are still relatively misunderstood and undervalued. But this isn’t necessarily the hurdle toward making a sale that many HVAC pros think it is.

If you’re a residential HVAC contractor with a good understanding of heat pump basics, you’re in a great position to become an educator and upsell prospective customers on adding a new heat pump system to their homes.

Focus on a Few Key Heat Pump Benefits

Heat pumps offer a wide range of benefits, but a handful stands out and will connect with most homeowners in a big way.

When chatting with a homeowner about heat pumps, focus on these benefits to help guide them toward making a more informed decision.

Efficiency and long-term energy cost savings

The biggest benefits by far are efficiency and savings on utility bills. How much differs from install to install and unit to unit, but broadly speaking, heat pumps can be up to 300% more efficient than electric baseboard heaters and up to 50% more efficient at cooling than a window air conditioner.

Better for the environment

For eco-conscious homeowners, it’s helpful to point out that installing a heat pump is an excellent decision for the environment. In addition to being significantly more efficient, heat pumps run on electricity rather than natural gas, dramatically reducing their environmental footprint.

Dual functionality

A great way to upsell homeowners considering a heat pump is to highlight their potential to double as a heating and cooling system. With a heat exchanger installed, a heat pump can act as an air conditioner in the summer, providing year-round comfort.

Rebates and incentives

As the conversation moves toward installation costs, it’s crucial to outline the numerous rebates and incentives available for homeowners to take advantage of. Local governments typically offer these and differ from province to province, but the savings can significantly reduce the ultimate cost of a heat pump installation.

To see an updated list of available rebates and incentives, click here.

Cost estimates

Last but not least, it’s essential to provide the homeowner with an installation cost estimate—even if it’s a ballpark figure. A homeowner considering a heat pump install has likely already chatted with a friend or family member who had one installed or searched online for pricing estimates, and these may be wildly outdated or misaligned with their specific needs. Provide the homeowner with a cost estimate based on what they’re looking for, outline the work that would be done, and remind them of the potential savings from rebates and incentives.

Dispelling Common Myths about Heat Pumps

It’s equally important to separate fact from fiction for your customers. Because they’re so misunderstood, heat pumps come with many myths to dispel. Being able to do this quickly and effectively can go a long way to turning a maybe into a yes.

Here are a few of the more common misconceptions about heat pumps and some talking points to set the record straight:

Myth #1: Heat pumps only work in mild climates.

Reality: Modern heat pumps work as effectively in extreme climates, including down to -30°C. Older heat pumps were more limited to milder climates, but technology has advanced considerably. If your customer is in a region where the temperature regularly dips beyond -30°C, they may need to consider alternatives, including supplemental heating.

Myth #2: Heat pumps are noisy. 
Reality: While the noise generated by heat pumps differs from model to model, they aren’t considerably noisier than other heating and cooling systems on the market. Outdoor units typically generate about 60dB of noise, equivalent to a conversation. Indoor heat pump units, meanwhile, usually range from 15-30dB, which is equal to the sound of leaves rustling in a tree.

Myth #3: Heat pumps provide insufficient heating.

Reality: If a heat pump isn’t heating a home effectively, it usually means the heat pump was sized incorrectly, or the climate is extremely cold (-30°C or below). When a heat pump is sized correctly, it’s a highly efficient and effective means of heating a home.

Get the Heat Pump Help You Need

If you’re still looking for answers to common heat pump questions, our expert team is always available to help.

Visit us at any of our branches or contact us today to see the range of heat pumps available, discuss your next project, or get the information you need to have more informative conversations with your customers.

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